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Hi! I’m the ConnectSpot App. I’m looking forward to helping you keep in touch with your team’s needs. If you are scaling, restructuring, onboarding, or building your corporate culture.Feedback-Performance Monitoring – A behaviorally driven system which monitors
team leader performance in delivering regular feedback, and measures that against
changes in employee performance. This allows team leaders to see whether they are
giving as much feedback as they should be (most managers give far too little feedback,
positive or negative). Significant evidence supports the positive impact of rapid manager feedback on employee
productivity and behavior change. All of this would be derived from a simple prompt at the end of each day, send to each
team leader’s mobile device.
๏ $4,000 per year fixed cost for data monitoring (waived with OPTION 01)
๏ $700 per viewing license, per year for access to reports (this could mean one
license per team leader, or you could have one person/license who distributes
the feedback to the rest of the team leaders on a weekly basis. This would
save costs, but it’s not as effective behaviorally to have the feedback

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Taking on new hires can be a process. Get your team on the same page quickly with onboarding pings.

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360 Degree Feedback

Get 360 degree feedback right. A steady stream of feedback that keeps pace with your speed.

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Support your team for a distance. Executives Key Analytics at your finger tips.

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