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Increase Productivity with a Little Nudge

Organization’s thrive on the productivity of their employees. If you are in a management role, it can almost be guaranteed that you have been part of change in policies and procedures with the intent to increase employee productivity. It would also be safe to say that also during those times of change, you have been met with resistance and unwanted push back. Imagine if organizational change and employee productivity could occur with aversive consequences?

Nudge management is a an approach to management that applies behavioral principles to an organizational context. It attempts to alter staff behavior by making simple, seemingly unnoticeable changes to an environment that can have a large desired impact. As a result, productivity can increase with little effort from the employee.

Ebert and Freibichler (2017) provide several examples of how nudge management can aid in solving common workplace problems and increase productivity.

How to change a culture.

What is “culture”?

From a behavior analytic perspective, culture isn’t so ambiguous. It’s an emergent quality that arises from the interaction of behaviors. This may sound ambiguous but it makes what business often sees as vital and difficult to change, changeable.

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