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Hi! I’m the ConnectSpot App. I’m looking forward to helping you keep in touch with your team’s needs. If you are scaling, restructuring, onboarding, or building your corporate culture.

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Susan visits a hospital to visit her grandmother. While waiting in the lobby, an elderly man, appearing to suffer from dementia, approaches her and asks for his medications. Being a visitor, she asks the nurse working at the front desk about the man. The nurse, who is unfamiliar with the patient, decides to call a supervisor. When she hangs up the phone, she said “someone will be down shortly.” Feeling confident that she had helped the man, Susan goes to visit her grandmother. After her two hour visit, she notices the man still in the lobby, aimlessly wandering looking vaguely confused. She again approaches the nurse at the front desk – this time a different nurse as the shift changed during her visit. The new nurse, again unfamiliar with the man, said simply “oh I’m sure he’s ok, don’t worry about him ma’am.” Though she felt a bit uneasy with the situation, Susan left the hospital and went home. Overnight, the hospital staff lead the man back to his room. However, he never received his medications to control blood pressure. In the middle of the night he had a heart attack and passed away.

Solution? What if you could – tell what you you were missing?

Team Building

A team that communicates well and keeps in touch produces better outcomes.

On-boarding Aid

Taking on new hires can be a process. Get your team on the same page quickly with onboarding pings.

Culture Campaigns

Support policy and technology shifts by keeping your team in the loop.

360 Degree Feedback

Get 360 degree feedback right. A steady stream of feedback that keeps pace with your speed.

Connected Consulting

Develop your leadership team and employees with consulting at your finger tips.

Executive Analytics

Support your team for a distance. Executives Key Analytics at your finger tips.

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