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We use the science of behavior and data analytics to create better outcomes. Here we’ve posted some resource publications and whitepapers that you may find of interest. Some of these were published by our own team members, Angela Cathey, MA & Todd Ward, PhD, BCBA-D. Though you do not need to understand the science of behavior analysis or data-driven intervention to benefit from it we find that many are interested in the scientific foundations on which our practices are based.

Baker, T., Schwenk, T., Piasecki, M., Shonkwiler, G., Hagen, J., & Houmanfar, R. A. (2015). Cultural Change in a Medical School: A data-driven management of entropy. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 35:1-2, 95-122. (Link to Baker et al. JOBM.pdf)

Berkout, O. V., & Cathey, A. J., & Kellum, K. K. (In press). Scaling-Up Assessment from a Contextual Behavioral Science Perspective: Potential Uses of Technology for Analysis of Unstructured Text Data. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, X, X-X. (Link to Author’s Copy, Technology CBS)

Chase, J. A., Houmanfar, R., Hayes, S. C., Ward, T. A., Plumb, J. & Follette, V. (2013).  Values are not just goals:  Online ACT-based values training adds to goal setting in improving undergraduate college student performance.  Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 2, 79-84.

Gallo, C., Pantin, H., Villamar, J., Prado, G., Tapia, M., Ogihara, M., Cruden, G. & Brown, C. H. (2015). Blending qualitative and computational linguistics methods for fidelity of assessment: Experience of Familias Unidas Preventive Intervention, Journal of Administrative Policy and Mental Health, 45(5), 574-585. (Link to Gallo et al. 2015)

Houmanfar, R., & Ward, T. A. (2012).  Value clarification & perspective taking in effective organizational change processes.  Journal of Applied Radical Behavior Analysis, N1, 92-97.

Houmanfar, R., Rodrigues, N. J., & Ward, T. A. (2010).  Emergence and Metacontingency: Points of contact and departure. Behavior and Social Issues. 19, 78-103. 

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