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Invoice Number INV-0003
Invoice Date April 2, 2018
Total Due $0.00
The Bucklin Group

ENSO Group and bSci21Media, LLC were approached by The Bucklin Group to develop a company website. Angela Cathey, owner of ENSO Group, had the opportunity to speak with Barbara Bucklin about the project, in which the following features were requested:

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 A hosted a site through a Managed WordPress account provided through GoDaddy

We recommend that Barbara purchase hosting herself. ENSO Group can then work with GoDaddy after purchase to set up the site.

Hosting: Managed WordPress plans can be found here,

The Deluxe plan is recommended, given it comes with a free domain purchase and does not include more expensive security features more applicable to sites with confidentiality concerns.

1 Domain purchase

A domain name can be purchased from for approximately $14.99 per year. We can complete this purchase for you if you provide credit card details to complete the subscription with GoDaddy.

Customer would like one of the following domains if available: or

1 Website theme

Themes: WordPress sites come with a variety of theme options, these govern the general structure of the site. Think of a theme like the frame of a house, it can be modified within certain parameters. Some themes are free, while others are not. Paid themes generally come with more flexibility and more technical support. maintains a searchable theme database. Given that theme selection is much a matter of personal taste, and a matter of the branding for the business owner, we recommend Amy explore the database to make a decision on a theme. A few suggested themes are as follows:

a. The BizWay theme (free). View at:
b. The Divi Lifetime Access theme ($249).
View here:

If you would like to purchase the Divi theme please include funds for this in addition to the fee below and we can purchase this for you.

1 A website with the sections listed below:

- Home page
- Contact page
- About page: To include Dr. Bucklin’s bio, picture, etc.
- Services page
- Does not need purchasing or scheduling from website yet.
- Resources page for embed articles – in the site. Resources
- Other preferences: Prefers top bar menu orientation.

1 Logo design

3 conceptual designs based on the client preferences, client may select 1 design from these and receive 3 rounds of additional edits to obtain their preferred design.

Aesthetic preferences: Client likes 'retro' looks but would not like the design to be too retro.

1 Business card design & order

50 medium weight business card stock cards designed, ordered, and mailed to the client.

Note: Client would like to receive these in time for ABAI.

1 Aesthetic notes from client

Client prefers: Clean, crisp, and bright. She notes a preference for the purple but may want this color downplayed for a professional look. Client prefers blues as a main color and cooler greens paired with blues.

Client liked site and a friend's site

1 Textual notes from client

Client's tag line is “Behavior science for business results.”

1 An approximately 20-minute long training video

We provide an approximately 20-minute long training video to clients to aid them in maintaining their sites.

Sub Total $800.00
Tax $0.00
Discount -$100.00
Paid -$700.00
Total Due $0.00