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Quote Number QUO-0006
Quote Date April 1, 2018
Valid Until May 31, 2018
Total $1,100.00

As a leader in technological education, collaboration, and innovation, BitWise is known for its ability to provide clients with solutions that create real-world change. JP Prendergast of Shift3 Technologies, a division of BitWise Industries, contacted ENSO Group to discuss interest in organizational development services for BitWise. Angela Cathey, owner and consultant with ENSO Group followed up with JP Prendergast and staff to discuss options for development.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Culture Health Assessment

A one-time assessment of organizational culture issues and report of actionables given the issues detected. The organization shall deliver 6 months worth of organizational communications (e-mail) in a flat file, password locked, for analysis.

ENSO Group will provide a written report indicating areas of sentiment, topics, and communication patterns within the organization that suggest communications and operations issues.

This report will include actionables for the organization to adjust strategy, process, policy, and/or suggest training needed to improve staff relations and effectiveness. The report will be delivered 30 days after data is delivered for analysis in an acceptable format.

Objectives of this engagement will be to:

1. Identify areas where the organization may be able to improve its effectiveness and provide actionables to set improvements in action.

2. For this particular engagement, the current assessment will also serve as a low risk introduction to use of unstructured data methods that the Bitwise Industries has expressed interest in utilizing for other engagements/collaborations.

Sub Total $1,000.00
Tax $100.00
Total $1,100.00

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