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Quote Number QUO-0007
Quote Date April 1, 2018
Valid Until December 31, 2018
Total $77,880.00

In discussions with Bosch, Bosch management has voiced an interest in improving the ease, objectivity, and flexibility of employee performance feedback. We propose the use of unstructured data (e.g., email) and automated performance feedback as a method of improving employee-to-employee and customer service oriented performance. We offer analysis of internal communications and responsive rewards sent directly to employees via email. This feedback system rewards employee performance improvements and reduces the load of monitoring and shaping employee behavior on management.

Our Approach
We leverage a variety of technologies and depth of experience in behavioral science to improve employee performance and corporate culture. Our technologies assess actual performance in situations that matter, rather than relying on in frequent self-report of performance. Our approach to improving human performance is grounded in behavioral science and the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) Approach. We offer a number of package components that can be used to flexibly monitor and address the health of your corporate culture and employee performance.

The Performance Improvement Package
Monitoring of employee communications (i.e., email, Slack, etc.) and an automated reward system can support continuous improvement in a wide range of employee behaviors. We run a daily analysis of individual and team behaviors. Your employees then receive daily emails that follow weekly skill building progressions. Your employees receive recognition for improvements direct to their email. A summary report of improvements and problem areas is made available to management. We also monitor engagement with our skill building series and recognition emails and tailor them for maximum effectiveness.

Consulting Support
Targeted performance enhancement consulting is available to further develop employee skills. Consulting is available on a rolling subscription basis. We bill consulting in 10 hour blocks at $200/hour. These hours can be used by employees or management to consult with an experienced performance management team. If hours are unused for the month they roll over for up to 6 months following purchase. Employees may request consulting hours direct via email as permitted by management. This allows your management to have a relief valve of support available as needed to shape employee behavior and handle emergent issues.

Skills Workshops
We also offer specific skill and culture building workshops at request. Travel and lodging for workshops will be billed in addition to the stated prices, and at cost. Video and/audio recording of ENSO Group consultants is prohibited.

Skills Practice Creates Performance Results
The continuing flow of objective feedback to your employees rewards improvements quickly and simplifies performance evaluation. Instead of waiting for infrequent reviews and poor feedback, your employees benefit from consistent positive feedback, brief tips, and exercises. We work to build performance skills and provide optional skills enhancing training with our consultants.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Recommended Pilot Package for 20 individuals, for 1-year of services

For 20 individuals:
Data and reports for a year - $1000 per month x 12 months - $12,000 (Additional groups of 10 @ $700) per month
20 hours of consulting per month x $200 per hour x 12 months - $48,000*
2 Full Day Workshops x $4000 each + travel for 2 individuals for each workshop ($2,800) - $10,800

Sub Total $70,800.00
Tax $7,080.00
Total $77,880.00

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