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Quote Number QUO-0005
Quote Date February 19, 2018
Valid Until April 20, 2018
Total $1,550.00
Equanimity Behavioral Services

bSci21Media, LLC & ENSO Group were approached by Equanimity Behavioral Services regarding ways to increase their client flow. Dr. Ward, President of bSci21Media, LLC, & Angela Cathey, Executive Director of ENSO Group had the opportunity to speak with Kelly Negron about the project.

Kelly indicated that her business is newer in the Florida area and client flow is particularly poor during the winter months. Kelly requested a quote on social media, advertising, and business development services.


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Business Development: Social Media & Advertising Evaluation

We will provide a review your current use of social media and your social analytics in relation to how they help you meet your stated business goals. We will them provide a written summary of actionables to improve the success of your social strategy.

1 Set-up Automated Social Media System

System will utilize MeetEdgar or other appropriate automation suitable to reach your customer segments and channels. MeetEdgar carries a monthly charge of @$50 that the customer must pay on their own.

1 Influencer & Lead Report

We will use a Machine Learning Social Media data-mining approach to provide 50 contacts that can be used to collaboratively advertise or otherwise procure clients. This may include contacts of professionals in the area in adjacent areas of practice (client notes a preference that these not be neurologists). Contacts may also include social influencers or website administrators who reach your segment of clients well.

1 Paid Article Ad through reaches over 60,000 viewers each month. bSci21 offers written articles that inform others of your services and changes with your business. These articles go through our mail list of over 5k individuals and are circulated regularly through our social media schedule.

Sub Total $1,500.00
Tax $50.00
Total $1,550.00

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