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Quote Number QUO-0010
Quote Date June 1, 2018
Valid Until July 31, 2018
Total $385.00
Family Centered Practices Group

ENSO Group and bSci21Media, LLC were approached by Tina Linton to obtain information regarding Social Media and Branding Design services. Angela Cathey, business development and technology services for bSciMedia, LLC, scheduled two consultations but was unable to reach Tina. A general quote on these services is provided to assist Tina in deciding whether she is interested in Social Media & Branding Design services for Family Centered Practices Group.  

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Set-up Automated Social Media System (This continuously shuffles and posts your social media on Linkedin, Facebook, etc.)

System will utilize MeetEdgar or other appropriate automation suitable to reach your customer segments and channels. MeetEdgar carries a monthly charge of @$50 that the customer must pay on their own.

1 Branding and Social Media Design

Social media branding and design services includes one 1-hour meeting per month to discuss upcoming branding and offers which we then use to create up to 20 new posts per month of services. These visual adds run in platform specific formats (1 post = 1 post of content that is then tweaked to fit formats for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Each month 20 new posts can be designed and added to the rotation. We use a platform called Buffer that allows you to see this media and approve it prior to send out on your platforms. If this item is purchased, renewal of the monthly charge on subscription will continue until the customer notifies prior to the next month's charge that services are no longer required.

Sub Total $350.00
Tax $35.00
Total $385.00

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