StoryAnalytics v1

Hear the signal above the noise.

Leading a business takes seeing the big picture as well as the moments that drive employee and customer satisfaction. StoryAnalytics help you gain perspective, so you can focus your time on the issues that matter.

StoryAnalytics allow you to remove obstacles to your team’s success. 

 StoryAnalytics help you hear through the day-to-day noise of relationships, emotions, and changing situations to understand what affects your success most.

Why should you measure using StoryAnalytics?

You can see the results more clearly.

The analytics show the whole team’s trajectory over time.

The analytics help you look beyond your own subjective perspective,

a dip in productivity after a certain meeting.

This is a powerful tool for that helps us see our own perspectives more clearly. 

Value your time

StoryAnalytics help you sort the strategic issues from the daily struggle so you serve more effectively.

Communication Aid

StoryAnalytics to let you know when team dynamics need a tune-up.

Leadership Development

Understand how your brand and leaders are experienced. Correct misalignments before they damnage relationships.

360 Degree Feedback

Get 360 degree feedback right. Get the feedback you need to others quickly, with the ‘noise’ removed.

Connected Consulting

Our expert consultants are ready to help you resolve business and interpersonal issues as they arise.

Executive Analytics

Support your team for a distance. Executives Key Analytics at your finger tips.

We leverage Natural Language Processing of communication to protect your investment, in your brand and team.

How do the analytics work?

What do you have to do?

Our team is ready to help.


Our expert consultants support your team’s growth with customized solutions.