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TeamLink technologies extend the vision and impact of your consultant and your team’s efforts. 

The TeamLink package includes: ConnectSpot App check-ins, StoryAnalytics, and access to ConnectLearn trainings. TeamLink technologies allow your expert consultant to create customized data-driven solutions specific to your team and industry’s learning edges. 

We assess behavior as it happens to get the most accurate picture of what can improve your team’s functioning. The information gained is then provided to your consultant who slowly, and safely, builds your team’s capacity for skilled communication.

Get actionables and support to build your team’s capacity and performance

When you get the TeamLink package of technologies we also provide alerts to let you know how your team, organizational culture, organizational environment, policies, and leadership style are affecting team and organizational success.

We use a 30-second ConnectSpot check-in three times a day to to ask about your experience at work. As your team progresses, you can use the ConnectSpot App to access alerts about your team’s improvements and learning edges. You can ‘ping’ your consultant to easily schedule an appointment and access our ConnectLearn video segments to refresh your learning of specific skills.
We use Natural Language Processing of written communications (e.g. email, Slack) to look for important patterns in how your team communicates and identify issues your team has been struggling to communicate. The results help you turn hunches into actionable insights.
Detail of various skills segments available by touch through App along with TeamLink package.

Whole System

Show the feed ins and feed outs of the system and the technologies leveraged to make it work.

Learn How it Works!

Product Feature

Divi Ships with a tone of great premade layouts to get you started with a homepage, a portfolio, an eCommerce Storefront, and much more! Check out the theme demo to preview a few of these premade layouts. We’ve even realeased layout packs along the way for portfolios and business focused websites.

Functional Assessment: The Visual Analytics Matrix

Note: Feature and explanation to go only on consultant side explanation and Benji’s product landing page.

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