This is one of the best kept secrets of modern coaching technology.

“This is a truly unique tool and one of the best kept secrets of modern coaching technology. We are now working with ENSO to bring this same analysis into the entire organization so we can identify problems as they are starting and resolve problems right as they happen, rather than allowing them to contaminate relationships. I feel very strongly that this tool is the key we’ve been looking for to help us finally create the culture of trust and transparency.”

I highly recommend this service.

“We were on the phone with the buyer last week and my boss was so impressed with the research, I am actually flying out in about next week with the sales team to present the results from ENSO. Our business unit director and sales manager are feeling very good and very optimistic that we can knock it out of the park again. I highly recommend this service.”

Results superior to a $22k campaign in a matter of weeks.

“I’m a marketer/product developer and we used this tool to gather some marketing insights in preparation for a sales presentation/line-review with one of our largest customer accounts. We did an in-house market research campaign last year which cost us a little over $22k and gave us some great insights about our end-users, but it was expensive and took months to pull off. I didn’t realize that we would be setting the bar very high after we presented the findings to our main accounts, and now they expect that same level of market research from us every year..

Fortunately, we had ENSO run our research this time around, and they were able use their tools to pull research that was of comparable (and in some ways, far superior) quality for us in a matter of weeks — and at about 20% of the cost of our original research project!”

Rolling it out with the rest of our 200-person organization.

“It’s been about a year and we are about to roll out the Matrix training to the rest of our 200-person organization (along with the Matrix App which is an awesome way to help you actually practice what you learned in your day-to-day interactions after the training itself is over).”

It was eye-opening to see our lives through this new perspective.

“It was eye-opening to see our personal and professional lives through this new perspective and really helps you start to understand what is important in work and personal life, and more importantly, how to be more effective in moving toward what matters. This was a great training – I would suggest doing this training before any other kind of training because it will also help you get the most out of any training programs that follow.”

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