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Using the ACT Matrix to Treat Trauma and Increasing Clinical Precision with RFT, Workshop Announcement


The ACT Matrix is a powerfully simple tool for training psychological flexibility and promoting vital living after trauma. Originally developed for work with veterans suffering from PTSD, the matrix has spread across the world and is now utilized in a variety of settings and clinical & non-clinical populations. This course will integrate modern perspectives on trauma reactions (e.g., PTSD, Complex Trauma, Complex Spiral Trauma, and Borderline Personality Disorder) and associated symptoms (e.g., derealization/depersonalization and voice hearing) with Relational Frame Theory (RFT)-based functional assessment and clinical application.

Trauma is often discussed as a simple event driven reaction rather than the more behaviorally consistent alteration of self/other (deictic) framing and coherence. We will address different pathways to traumatic reactions and their clinical implications based on recent research and RFT.

Learn the ins-and-outs of the ACT Matrix point of view as well as dive deeper into applying Acceptance & Commitment Therapy skills flexibly in session with clients. This workshop will teach you how to integrate the psychological flexibility model into a truly dynamic experience within your work so that you can avoid becoming stuck in client content and help your clients move toward the life they know they can achieve.

Learn to shift from process to process within the psychological flexibility model fluidly and with intention so that you and your client are working together and your client is taking charge of their lives.

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This workshop will take the simplicity of the matrix and join it with a deeper level of experiential learning to enhance your clinical skills in acceptance and mindfulness processes. Through live demonstrations and plenty of opportunity to practice skills in session with feedback you will leave with tools to maximize your practice. We will also suggest functional and traditional assessment strategies to help guide you in treatment. This will include suggestions on when exposure-based methods are likely to be helpful.

After experiencing this workshop you will be able to:


1. Set up the ACT Matrix point of view.

2. Conduct dynamic functional analyses together with clients.

3. Use the ACT Matrix in case conceptualization.

4. Flexibly shift between mindfulness, acceptance, defusion, perspective taking, meaning making, and behavior activation skills on the fly in session.

5. Handle challenging client content flexibly, without becoming stuck.

6. Practice compassionate self-care for vicarious trauma.

7. Identify different clinical presentations and their treatment implications.

8. Discuss behavioral conceptualizations of various common trauma reactions.

9. Integrate functional assessment and traditional assessment to meet your clinical needs.

10. Identify signs of vicarious trauma and supported interventions at the individual, social, and organizational levels.

Workshop refund & cancellation policies: In the event of a workshop cancelation, full refund. More than two (2) weeks prior to training, an administration fee of $ 50.00 will be retained. Less than two (2) weeks prior to the workshop, a 50% refund will be applied. No refunds will be given less than five (5) days prior to the workshop.

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Jacob Martinez, MA, LPC

Jacob Martinez, MA, LPC

Trainer & Therapist

Jacob Martinez, MA, LPC, is a clinician and trainer living in North Texas. He is the owner of New Take Therapy, where he is committed to providing evidence based, practical, and meaningful services and training in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. He is passionate about working with people who want to kick-start their lives and be their best selves. With an open, engaging, and compassionate experiential training style, Jacob promotes psychological flexibility in workshops and one-on-one consultations across Texas. His mission is to help clients and clinicians alike engage in vital, fulfilling lives.

Angela Cathey, MA, LPC

Angela Cathey, MA, LPC

Director Enso Group, Trainer, & Consultant

Angela is experienced in leading and coordinating the operations of research and intervention teams. She has a master’s in Clinical Psychology from the University of Houston – Clear Lake. She has trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) extensively. She has been well-trained in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders. She has also trained extensively in treatment of trauma, utilizing Prolonged Exposure (PE) and obsessive-compulsive spectrum conditions, utilizing Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

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